Which Safety Thermometer Are You Using?


  • Getting data sets from behind the charts has never been easier! Due to changes in our information governance policy, we are no longer creating the excel dashboard download, however you can now access the same information from the live website and create your own.


First, navigate to the data chart you need this can be found in the ANALYSE DATA Tab; (Please see Export Guides - Export Chart Data for more guidance on how to do this). This is the data behind the chart. As it pulls the data from the live data set, this is always the most up-to-date data set.



  • The chart data can then be copied and pasted into an excel spread sheet. However, it is a static document, i.e. it will not update when new data is added.



This guide will help you create a dashboard which can update data

  • First, you will need to tell the spreadsheet where to pull the data from. Click the Data tab, then click From Web.



  • This will launch a pop-up window. Please note the first time you try this, it will probably display the homepage of your web browser.



  • In the address bar at the top, copy and paste the entire web address of the chart data set. To find this, follow the Export Chart Data guide, then copy the web address of your chart data.



  • Select the chart you wish to import by ticking the yellow arrow. When this is selected it will turn into a green tick. You can select multiple arrows. When you are happy press Import.



  • The computer will now ask you where you wish to paste the chart. You can select over the static table or select a cell. Please note that the cell you select will be the top left cell of the importing data charts.



  • Your chart is set up to use the excel update feature.



  • A new survey has been added to the Safety Thermometer and is available on the web tool.



  • Open your excel spreadsheet, and click on the Data tab. Then press Refresh All. If you have multiple chart data sets in the spreadsheet, this could take a few minutes to process, but it will update every chart.



  • The new data is added automatically to the end of the table. This gives you the tools to create your own Dashboard download that is specific to what you need.