Which Safety Thermometer Are You Using?


Adding data on the app is a very simple process. You do not have to have internet access to take the survey, but you will need internet access to upload the surveys onto Web tool.

  • Open the app

  • Check the ‘New’ tab is selected under the colour header

  • Set the ward

  • Set date on the add data page MAKE SURE YOU ENTER THE CORRECT COLLECTION DATE for your data in the ‘Survey Date’ box at the top
  • Incorrect survey date could allocate your data to the wrong time period and could cause errors on submission!

  • Press ‘Begin Collection’

  • Tap the answer for each question
  • Press ‘Save’ in the top right

  • If you have not completed all of the question “Please complete all records” error message will pop up

  • Once completed a popup will ask “Record Saved, add another record?”

  • Press ‘Yes’ to add another record
  • Press ‘No’ to return to front page