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Adding data on the app is a very simple process. You do not have to have internet access to take the survey, but you will need internet access to upload the surveys onto Web tool.

  • Open the app

  • Check the ‘New’ tab is selected under the colour header

  • Set the ward

  • Set date on the add data page MAKE SURE YOU ENTER THE CORRECT COLLECTION DATE for your data in the ‘Survey Date’ box at the top
  • Incorrect survey date could allocate your data to the wrong time period and could cause errors on submission!

  • Press ‘Begin Collection’

  • Tap the answer for each question
  • Press ‘Save’ in the top right

  • If you have not completed all of the question “Please complete all records” error message will pop up

  • Once completed a popup will ask “Record Saved, add another record?”

  • Press ‘Yes’ to add another record
  • Press ‘No’ to return to front page
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Delivering ‘harm free’ care to each and every patient.

The ‘harm free’ care programme is ambitious yet simple. Stop dealing with safety issues in silos, think about complications from the patient’s perspective and aim for the absence of all harm to each and every patient.

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“Safety Thermometer provides a ‘temperature check’ on harm that can be used alongside other measures of harm to measure local and system progress in providing a care environment free of harm for our patients.”
Dr Sarah Sample
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Safety Thermometer User Feedback Survey

The NHS Safety Thermometer has been up and running for more than 8 years! In that time we have collectively surveyed more than 10 milliion patients and created the largest national safety database in the world!

We are always striving for improvement; your feedback is invaluable to us in ensuring we deliver the best possible service to our users. We would be grateful if you could provide some feedback on your use of the NHS Safety Thermometer.

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