Which Safety Thermometer Are You Using?




Privileges to Edit Data:

To edit data, the user must have registered an account on with the Web tool and have had it activated. Check that the password reset email has not gone to your spam folder! You must be logged in to an account with administrator privileges to change a users' permissions!


  • Log into your admin account on the Safety Thermometer Website



  • Click the ‘Administration’ option on the right hand side


  • Click on the ‘Users’ tab to reveal the ‘User Management Page’

  • This will take you to the entire list of organisations registered. You will need to scroll down (or search using the ctrl f keys on your keyboard) for your organisation.


  • Click on your organisation name and it will 'open' to reveal a list of users with access. You can now click the ‘Add User’ button to add a new user.


  • Type in the user name and user email address you wish to add. This must match exactly the email address which the new user used to sign up for their account. If the user has NOT created an account before, this process will automatically create an account for them with the username as their email address, and the password as abc123


  • You can select the permission level at the bottom of the form. Click ‘Save New User’ and the user will be added to your organisation



  •  If the user already exists in our system, you will receive the following message:



  • Please check which is the correct email and then press 'update'.