Which Safety Thermometer Are You Using?


Please note you must be Administrator level to do this.

  • Navigate to the thermometer you need


  • Press collect data tab


You will now need to select what would you like to download. There are three ways in which you can choose this.


Option 1 - Export Single Survey Data

  •  Open the ward / team and then press the 'Export Collection' button


  • Click on 'Export Collection' to export the selected survey records


Option 2 - Export Ward Data


  • Select a ward and click on 'Export Ward' to Export all data for that ward


Option 3 - Export selected Data (by ward and by date)


  • Press the Select button in the top right of the colour band. This will give you the option to select All, Last Year, Latest, or clear current selections


  • Select all wards or a specific ward
  • Select a date 'from' and 'to'
  • Click on 'Export'


  • This will start a download of the excel spreadsheet with the file name 'STWebtoolExport' which will display all of the individual records entered on the selected surveys.