Which Safety Thermometer Are You Using?


  • Navigate to the thermometer you need. Please note that the Next Gen Thermometers (Medication, Mental Health, Maternity, C&YPS) have the SAME Submission Schedule.



  • Click 'Submission Schedule' on the right hand side of the navigation bar.


  • You will now see the interactive submission's calendar. You can navigate via month and hover over the marked dates to show the event.



To Download the Submission Schedule

  • Click 'Subscribe / Export Events'.



  • Click 'Generate Export'.


  • You can now choose whether to download the 'static' calendar or subscribe to the 'dynamic' calendar. The difference is, the 'dynamic' calendar will (so long as you are connected to the internet) automatically update your outlook calendar if and when the Safety Thermometer calendar changes, for example adding WebEx dates or other training events. The Public calendar is events that anyone can see and the private calendar is only available if you are logged into the Safety Thermometer website.



  • Click which calendar you would like to use (this guide will so the 'dynamic' calendar).



  • A pop will ask do you wish to open the calendar. Click 'Open URL: Add Internet Calendar'.



  • This will now open your version of Outlook and ask do you wish to add calendar and subscribe to updates. Click 'Yes'.



  • It will then process and download the calendar. Then open the calendar next to your normal calendar. It will automatically save as index but you can rename this by right clicking the title and clicking 'Rename Calendar'.