Which Safety Thermometer Are You Using?


When writing your reports, you may need to manipulate the graphs more than an image will allow. This guide will help you create your own graphs using the data pulled from the website.
  • First navigate to the chart data you need. For more guidance on this please see Export Guides - Export Chart Data
  • When Data has been pasted into the excel spreadsheet, click INSERT:


  • Click Line to insert a line graph (the first option)


  • A blank white box (the chart canvas) will be pasted into your sheet. In the top left, you should see Chart Tools in green) then click select data;


  • If there are any values in the pop up box delete them (caused by having data highlighted before pressing SELECT DATA. Click the ADD button underneath Legend entries (Series)


  • In Series name type name of data set (or click the name on the sheet)


  • Delete all in the Series values box, then Click, hold and select all of the data values


  • Press ok Then EDIT in horizontal (Category)


  • Click, hold and select the month values, then press ok, then press ok again



To add the data points:

  • Look for the green bar of chart tools, then press the tab LAYOUT and look for DATA LABELS


  • Select where you would like them to go (Centre / above / below...) you chart will add them automatically ​YOU MAY NEED TO RESIZE YOUR CHART