Which Safety Thermometer Are You Using?


Please note that we do not have an app for Windows devices.

 You will need an internet connection to set up your device.

First of all, open your device's internet browsing programme

Go to the Safety Thermometer website

Make sure you have signed in and have access to the thermometer. If you are not signed in, you will not be able to see the App section

Select the Thermometer you need


Select the App tab (this can also be accessed via under the Collect Data tab)

 Click the Download icon for either IOS or Android (depending on your device)

This will start the download and will install to your device - If your download does not complete, this may be because of the Untrusted Enterprise Error, click the App Guides - Untrusted Enterprise Developer link to take you step by step how to solve this.

 Open the App

When you first fire up the app you will be presented with a setup screen. This screen asks you for a KEY. This Key links the app to a user & organisation and allows the app to connect to the database. Each user will have a separate Key and can use the Key to associate multiple devices with the account.

Sign in to the website

Select Thermometer needed

Select the App Tab

Select My Devices

Look for the unique User Key in the coloured header.

Copy the Device API-Key into the app and press Setup

Your device is connected to your Safety Thermometer Account and is ready to go ! 

If you navigate to the "My Devices" page you should see a new entry in the devices table.