Which Safety Thermometer Are You Using?


Please note you must be Administrator level to do this.

Navigate to the thermometer you need


Press collect data tab


You will now need to Select which surveys to display. There are two ways in which you can choose this.

Option 1

Open the ward / team and then press the select icon next all of the surveys you wish to select (Note you can click multiple surveys on multiple wards this way, clicking out of a ward will not deselect surveys)



Option 2

Press the Select button in the top right of the colour band. This will give you the option to select All, Last Year, Latest, or clear current selections


Select all selects every survey submitted on every ward or team

Last year selects the past 12 months of surveys from current date (e.g. 16/05/17 - 17/05/16)

Latest will select the most recent dated survey per ward or team

Clear selection will deselect all


Then press the Export button in the top right of the colour band.


This will start a download of the excel spreadsheet with the file name STWebtoolExport... which will display all of the individual records entered on the selected surveys.