What is happening :

From January we will be asking organisations to start using the new Upload function to submit data. This will be available on the Safety Thermometer website from Monday the 8th January 2018.  

The upload function will replace the current e-mail submissions method, which will be phased out by April 2018.

Please review the user guide for information on the process and how it works!


Why & What does this mean for me?

 Currently we spend a significant amount of time collating and processing the Safety Thermometer data from the files that are e-mailed to us each month.

By phasing out emailed data submission, we can turn around the data faster,which will give us more time and resource to continue to improve the Safety Thermometer.


Uploading the Data to the website will :

  • Give you full control over the data set- you can add, edit, delete and move around data
  • Give you a faster more consistent experience over the excel tools
  • Full control and transparency over the data load process – No Magic black box processing; you have full control of any decisions needed in the import process
  • Allow you to export your data at any time, you can export the whole data set or specify wards and date ranges to extract.
  • Give you access to set up users to collect and manage data on behalf of your organisation


The First time you load data : The system will scan the data and set up wards and load in your historical data set.

-          If you are considering moving over to using the online system you will only need to do this ONCE! And our team will happily help you through the process and even load up your historical data and add users for you.


Subsequent uploads: the system will scan the data and alert you to changes and differences. You have full control of the data and can make key decisions when uploading, for example if there is an unrecognised ward name in the data set you can decide to Create that ward on the system or assign that data to an existing ward name if it is a spelling mistake! You only need to load New / changed data on an ongoing basis.


Want to keep using your existing processes / generating exports from other systems?

If you want to keep using the excel tool or have other systems that collect the data and generate an output for submission each month, you are more than welcome to continue to do that.

It is not a problem – You will just need to load up the file each month, the system will prompt you for actions. You will only need to upload new data or changes, the system will maintain your previous data.

Contact the support team if you need more info.


Not sure how the webtools work?  

The ST Team is here to help you, drop us a line and our support staff will be able to give you walkthroughs of the system

 From January we will be holding weekly webex’s to walk you and your staff through the system


Do I have to use the new method in January?

We realise that this can seem daunting, please don’t panic! We would like to see people moving over and start using the upload from January so it’s a good time to start having a look at the documentation and booking onto a webex.

If you want to be in the advance guard and jump on straight away don’t hesitate and get in touch and we will help you to get up and running with the system.

We will be proactively contacting you all and working with you to move over to the uploader from the new year.


Can I test it out beforehand?

Yes you can get in touch with our support team and they will set you up to test out the system in our sandbox


Updates - all collections

Ward Filter on collection pages

At the top of the collection page you should see a new Ward filter control.
This allows users the ability to search and filter the wards, simply start typing and the control will dynamically filter the wards as you go!
Absolute time saver for organisations with large numbers of wards
  • Updated Export Features


 The data export functions have been updated to make it easier than ever to create exports from your data
you can specify wards and date range you are interested in and Presto! export generated and faster than ever!





  • Added Record Numbering to the collection views


By popular demand we have updated the record view pages to include a row number
  • Faster pages and loading times


The load times for several collection pages have been significantly improved
if you have a large number of wards in your collection view this will significantly improve your experience
We have also made lots of tweaks and changes behind the scenes in the API which should make pushing and processing data from the apps much faster and more stable (please make sure you have the latest app version) aswell as making the data export processes faster

Update Buttons & controls
  • Before



  • After


We have updated the buttons and controls following user feedback and in line with the updated functions, we hope that this will make them clearer and easier to understand their functions
Updates - Classic collection
Updated - Collection level ward dashboard


The Ward level Charts on the collection pages have been updated and are now linked in to display your real time data. Thank you to the people that had pointed out that this wasn't happening on the classic collection pages
Updated Export functions


We have updated the Classic Export Functions so that they all work from a single export screen. You can control which wards and date range that you want to export, there is a switch for the HSCIC format and a special button to create a 13 month export.
  • Medications ST-Change - Applied new medications theme to all Medications charts 
  • Classic ST - Change - Amended Classic Theme to "match" the updated Styling of the "Next Gen" Thermometers
  • Classic ST - Change - Updated all (87) Charts to use the new theme consistently
  • Classic ST - Change - Updated all (87) Charts to use new "MMM-YY" date formats
  • All ST - Change - Updated Median to calculate and display to 2 decimal places only
  • Medications ST - FIX - MDT form staff name and Job postions Fields only displaying single words 
  • Maternity ST- Change - Updated Summary Table to display "harm/no harm" in the physical harms column and "feels safe / doesn't feel safe" in the womans perception of safety column 
  • All STs - Addition - Export to excel file - Collections can now be selected and exported to an Excel file in human-readable format - File name is formatted as STWebtoolExport_selected_dd-MM-YY_hh-mm_ss.xls
  • All STs - Addition - Select All Option : have created a new "Select All" Function which will select all the available collections for export. 
  • All STs - Change - "export" button text - Ward level "export" button has been renamed to "select" as this is a more accurate description on what the button does.
  • Update to template - indent sub-menus and removed image based fade effect for flat color
  • Classic ST - Fix - ward settings dropdown was showing options from other ST's - this has been fixed - Users should audit to ensure that wards were not assigned in error.
  • Classic ST - Fix - ward services dropdown was showing options from other ST's - this has been fixed - Users should audit to ensure that wards were not assigned in error.  
  • Medications ST - Fix - ward settings dropdown was showing options from other ST's - this has been fixed - Users should audit to ensure that wards were not assigned in error.
  • Medications ST - Fix - ward services dropdown was showing options from other ST's - this has been fixed - Users should audit to ensure that wards were not assigned in error.
  • Mental Health ST - Fix - ward settings showing 2 "community" options this has been Fixed. have checked and DB and ammened records.
  • Maternity ST - Addition - Added Collection forms for Maternity ST
  • Maternity ST - Addition - Form Validation processes created and tested
  • Maternity ST - Addition - Collection summary screens and calculated fields created
  • Maternity ST - Addition - "learning" form pop-out on summary screen created. 
  • Medications ST - Fix - Delete survey Button now working .
  • Medications ST - Fix - Header rows disappear after data is added / edited
  • Maternity ST - Addition - Created analytics indictaors and dashboard view
  • Maternity ST - Addition - Created new Theme for Maternity dashboards
  • Maternity ST - Change - added login form to Maternity pages
  • Mental Health ST - Addition - Added Collection forms for Mental Health ST
  • Mental Health ST - Addition - Form Validation processes created and tested
  • Mental Health ST - Addition - Collection summary screens and calculated fields created
  • Mental Health ST - Addition - Created analytics Indicators and dashboard view
  • Mental Health ST - Addition - Created new theme for Mental Health Dashboards
  • Medications ST - Change - Created new medications theme 
  • Medications ST - Fix - many typos identified and fixed