If you are having trouble saving your Safety Thermometer data, specifically if the save window is getting stuck on the ‘Preparing to send data to server’ message (as shown below) then the issue is probably the compatibility mode. This Guide is for Internet Explorer 10 - You can check which version of IE you have using the guide on this page.

Internet Explorer 10


  • Go to the Tools option on your Internet Explorer menu bar (it may look like a cog). Select the F12 developer tools option from the dropdown menu.


  • This should now bring up the Developer Bar at the bottom of the window; you should then see the Browser Mode and Document Mode options on this new menu bar (as shown below). Please make sure that both options are set to Internet Explorer 10. If they are already set to 10 and you still cannot save then please change both browser mode and document mode to Internet Explorer 8.


  • Once this has been done please close the Developer Bar using the red x, the page should refresh and the issues you have been experiencing should have been fixed!


If you are still experiencing issues with the website please don’t hesitate to contact the Safety Thermometer team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.