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Welcome to our New Website!

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  • How To videos are in the works, but you can watch the final Full WebEx by clicking HERE!

Recent Updates

New Website Launched!

Webex Sessions now Open!

We are now holding a weekly training session on the basics of the ST website. If you would like to sign up, go to the Submission Schedule and book your place.

If you attended a WebEx please make sure that you have completed the feedback form sent after the session.

Data Updated!

      Submitted data up to May 2018 is now available on this Website. Although we have not restarted the dashboard download, you can now access the live data behind the charts. Navigate to the chart you wish to see, then look for the below icons on the right hand side.

  • First Expand the chart view (Blue)
  • Then click for the data table (Purple)

Under New Management!

       Management and Support arrangements for the ST website and tools have changed, and the next few months will see a number of exciting updates to the ST user experience, including a new and much improved ST website. We are also reviewing all presented metrics and measures to ensure consistent definitions and processes across all the tools, and consistency with national recommendations and appropriate governance agreements – as part of this work we have suspended the production of excel downloads. We do not, at the moment, have a time table for completion of this review, and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please check the website for updates. If have any suggestions or spot any areas which do not work as you'd expect, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Computer & Mouse Icon

Common Questions

       Click the below tabs to show answers for these common questions.

     Many of the error messages that pop up from the safety thermometer stem from using an out-dated version of Internet Explorer. To find out which version of Internet Explorer you are using please follow these simple steps.

  • In the browser menu bar click the Help button
  • Open this menu and click the About Internet Explorer button
  • A window appears like the one below, the number next to Internet Explorer will tell you which version you are using.

     To edit data, the user must have registered an account on with the webtool and have had it activated. Check that the password reset email has not gone to your spam folder! You must be logged in to an account with administrator privileges to change a users' permissions!

If you do not have the permissions you need, you will need to contact your Organisation's administrator. To find this:

  • Click the 'Administration' tab at the top of the page
  • Click the 'Users' tab
  • 'Search' for your organisation and click the banner to open the list of all users
  • In the Privileges column, if you can see the symbol of a person , then that user has administrator privileges and will be able to amend your account.

     To edit data, the user must have registered an account on with the webtool and have had it activated. Please also see the Guide Admin Guides - Amend User Privileges for help with this question.

You must be logged in to an account with administrator privileges to change a users' permissions!

Log into your admin account on the Safety Thermometer Website:

  • Click the ‘Administrator’ option on the right hand.
  • Click on the ‘Users’ tab to reveal the ‘User Management Page’
  • Click on your organisation name to reveal a list of users with access. You can now click the ‘Add User’ button to add a new user
  • Type in the user name and user email address you wish to add. This must match exactly the email address which the new user used to sign up for their account.
  • You can select the permission level at the bottom of the form. Click ‘Save New User’ and the user will be added to your organisation.
     This site uses cookies; Without the cookies you would need to login separately to every page that was protected such as the Thermometers!

     If cookies are disabled in your browser the login system won't work and you will not be able to access any non public pages.

Please ensure cookies are enabled