• Updates - all collections

    Ward Filter on collection pages

    At the top of the collection page you should see a new Ward filter control.
    This allows users the ability to search and filter the wards, simply start typing and the control will dynamically filter the wards as you go!
    Absolute time saver for organisations with large numbers of wards
    • Updated Export Features


     The data export functions have been updated to make it easier than ever to create exports from your data
    you can specify wards and date range you are interested in and Presto! export generated and faster than ever!





    • Added Record Numbering to the collection views


    By popular demand we have updated the record view pages to include a row number
    • Faster pages and loading times


    The load times for several collection pages have been significantly improved
    if you have a large number of wards in your collection view this will significantly improve your experience
    We have also made lots of tweaks and changes behind the scenes in the API which should make pushing and processing data from the apps much faster and more stable (please make sure you have the latest app version) aswell as making the data export processes faster

    Update Buttons & controls
    • Before



    • After


    We have updated the buttons and controls following user feedback and in line with the updated functions, we hope that this will make them clearer and easier to understand their functions
    Updates - Classic collection
    Updated - Collection level ward dashboard


    The Ward level Charts on the collection pages have been updated and are now linked in to display your real time data. Thank you to the people that had pointed out that this wasn't happening on the classic collection pages
    Updated Export functions


    We have updated the Classic Export Functions so that they all work from a single export screen. You can control which wards and date range that you want to export, there is a switch for the HSCIC format and a special button to create a 13 month export.